Over 30 years Old Looking to Lose Weight

Over 30 years Old Looking to Lose Weight….

This is the age where Career comes first, make money and raise a family.

Mostly at this age, we have completed our college, get a job and it is the time for family and raise our children. At a time we are busy but we need to priorities our health, we need to do something for our health. Lose weight starts with:-

  1. Positive mindset and attitude
  2. Find mentor
  3. Enrollment for gym
  4. Exercise Schedule
  5. Food selection, less carbohydrate, more protein, fruits and vegetables.
  6. Reduce 2 plates to 1 plate methodology
  7. Don’t forget drink plenty of water helps flush out toxin from your body and boosts your metabolism.
  8. Enough rest and sleep; 6- 8 hours.
  9. Other than diet and exercise, use a good fat burner. Supplements that aim to speed up your body’s metabolism in order to encourage it to more rapidly burn fat for energy thus improving your health and appearance.
  10. New gear innovations – Its gears to track your progress and maintaining consistent workouts. It helps you more focus about losing weight.